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About 关于

Adela is a San Francisco based illustrator who is originally from China. Her designs are influenced by contemporary art and Chinese line drawing. In addition to traditional artwork, Adela also creates illustration for magazines, published books, advertisements, product packaging, ect..

She graduated from Academy of Art University with advertising projects seen by the world, such as NBA Golden State Warriors 2021 Lunar New Year shirt & 2020 poster, Facebook Supply Chain logo, Blair Athol Whisky Wine label and VIEIN year of the tiger vedio. Her works are published on New York Times, Bystronic website. Meanwhile, she also created cover for Cell Journal.

李慧明是来自中国的插画师。她的插画作品深受当代艺术和中国线描的影响。她本科毕业于广州美术学院,后又赴美深造。硕士毕业于美国旧金山艺术大学艺术插画专业。她曾在美国加州旧金山生活工作了5年,期间获得美国杰出人才签证。作为美国Spinning Yarn 插画经纪公司的代理插画师,她曾与全球知名企业和机构合作过多个设计项目。例如NBA金州勇士2021年中国新年限量版T恤和2020年中国新年限量海报;Facebook工程企业供应链logo;苏格兰知名威士忌酒品牌布莱尔阿索儿定制酒标系列;玮言集团20周年庆&虎年新年视频等。她的作品还发表于全球知名媒体如纽约时报,瑞士科技公司百超网站等。她也曾为全球顶级生物期刊细胞杂志创作封面。

Selected Clients   合作客户

Lookbooks, Chinese Mongolia Government, Ann Williams Group, Aerogia(爱阅家), NBA Golden State Warriors, Facebook Supply Chain, Houston University Frank Biology and Biochemistry Lab, The New York Times, Sounds True, Sallie Mae Bank, Bystronic/Naratek, Blair Athol Distillery,  Rule(汝乐), Lacheer(兰雀), VIEIN(玮言), OU JIA YE Art Gallery(歐佳爺艺术画廊), Happy Collage(快乐巴特).

Awards   获奖

  • The 8th China Illustration Biennial, 2021, China

  • 3x3 international Illustration Annual, 2020, USA

  • American Illustration 39 Chosen Online Winner, 2020, NY, USA

  • World Illustration Awards 2020 longlist, April 2020, UK


  • Scott Bock Award for 42nd International Watermedia Exhibition, WAS-H Gallery, March 2019, Houston, TX, USA

  • The Best Category Award for MFA Advertising Illustration, Academy of Art University’s Spring Show, May 2018, San Francisco, CA, USA

  • The Best Category Award for MFA Children’s Book, Academy of Art University’s Spring Show, May 2018, San Francisco, CA, USA


  • Silver trophy for Young Artist’s  Annual Nomination Exhibition of Beijing Today Art Museum, September 2008,  Beijing, CN​

Exhibitions   展览


  • 2019 World Fantasy Convention, October 2019, Marriott  Airport Hotel, Los Angeles, CA, USA

  • Collectors Choice, March 2019, Studio Channel Islands (a 501 c 3 non-profit organization), Camarillo, CA, USA

  • Atlanta Print Biennial, March 2019, Kai Lin Art, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

  • 42nd International Water media Exhibition, March 2019, WAS-H Gallery, Houston, TX, USA

  • Matters of the Heart, February 2019, Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA, USA

  • 23rd Annual Faculty & Alumni Fine Art Auction, November 2018, Academy Galleries at the Cannery, San Francisco, CA, USA

  • Clyde & Community Art Award show, June 2017, Hang Art Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA

  • To Measure a Feeling, Atelier Gallery, February 2017, San Francisco, CA, USA

  • Xiaozhou Art Festival, November 2013, Guangzhou, CN

  • Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition, September 2012, Maya Art Gallery, Guangzhou, CN

  • Rubik’s Cube, August 2012, Shenzhen, CN

  • Flowing Theatre, September 2011, Guangzhou, CN

  • Guangzhou International Art Fair, November 2010, Guangzhou, CN

  • Xiaozhou Art Festival, October 2010, Guangzhou, CN

  • Youyou Gallery Opening Exhibition, August 2010, Guangzhou, CN

  • Xiaozhou Art Festival, October 2009, Guangzhou, CN

  • Immature Idea’ College Students’  Annual Nomination Exhibition, September 2008, Beijing Today Art Museum, Beijing, CN

  • Grand Exhibition at the 50th Anniversary of Guangdong Artists Association, August 2006, Guangzhou, CN

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