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Warriors ' Lunar New Year T-shirt

2021—The year of ox

The main concept behind the LNY T-shirt is celebrate the Chinese New Year and basketball games. The Chinese New Year has always emphasized “good luck” which was represented as red color along side with yellow which is the traditional Warriors colors. The art work was inspired by Chinese Fu word sticker. The Lunar New year also called the Spring Festival. So in this art work, you can see some flowers and brushwood, which means spring is coming. You can also see fireworks, lanterns, red envelope, dumpling, fish, ect. That’s the tradition way Chinese people celebrates the Chinese New Year. There are Chinese knot, coins, fortune bag at the right corner, those can bring rich life. Also, 2021 is the year of ox, so there is an ox at the bottom.
LNY_T Shirt_final.png

Final Image


In the Warriors Flagship Shop

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Client: NBA Golden State Warriors

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